What some of our happy customers have been barking about

We chose KIN because we thought that it was a healthier choice of dog food. My dog used to be quite picky with his food and would sometimes never eat it, but with KIN, he finishes it and leaves nothing behind!! His droppings are now small, dry and not smelly. At first, we thought he might gain some weight by eating KIN, instead he looks fitter and is more energetic.

Golden Retriever

Awesome food my dogs love it all! Since switching to Kin raw dog food my dogs hips are so much better they are running and jumping around, they are more healthy and their fur is softer!

Dog Mum

Love KIN products and the easy order plus friendly delivery service. When Pippa came to my life, she’s had unfortunate issues with her health but with KIN, she transforms into healthy and shiny dog.


I tried many different foods for my super fussy puppy and she wasn't keen on anything, I have now put her on Kin Raw food and she literally cant get enough of it! knowing she is getting all of her nutrients is the best, thank you so much for amazing products and epic service.

Bali Dog

Our girl has been battling a horrific bacterial infection that covered her whole body. After months of treatment it was only the advice of KIN and switching to their food that really helped us to make it through.

French Bulldog

My favorite food for my dogs! You have to try it to know the quality, nothing beats KIN!

Darlings & Burpi
French Bulldogs

I have tried many different foods for my super fussy puppy and she wasn't keen on anything, I have now put her on Kin Raw food and she literally cant get enough of it knowing she is getting all of her nutrients is the best, thank you so much for an amazing product and epic service.

Dog Mum

Finding KIN Raw Dog Food company has been a miracle to our family. I am from United States and am used to be able to give my dog a high quality raw food diet. Here in Bali, no. 1 I cannot figure out where to get appropriate raw meat; and no. 2 I no longer have a large chest freezer which can accommodate things like a 50 lbs box of turkey necks. So imagine how delighted I am to find KIN Raw Dog Food that offers such high quality raw dog food. It is better than anything that I can find in the United States. Plus they deliver COD! I am very happy with both the packaged raw meat and my dog is loving the whole sardines. Thank You for being here KIN Raw Dog Food.

Dog Dad

No more kibble for my dogs! Thanks to Kin dog food for the introduction to raw food. They love it so much and their bowls always clean, no left overs, no more stinky poop, no effort to clean it too. Most important they got healthier and I got peace of mind. Yeppp...they love it.


I love to give my dog KIN! its really the best quality raw food for him and you can really see it. My dog's coat has improved, its so shiny and healthy looking! They have a variety of different food and treats for dogs and cats.

Dog Mum

Been using kin dog food from the very beginning. The meat quality is spectacular, price on point, on top of that my dog loves every variant of kin dog food.

Dog Mum

I've been feeding our dogs kin dog food for years and they love it!

Dog Mum

Amazing products! honest and straightforward ingredients. the best balanced raw food for my dogs. thank you guys!

Dog Mum

Very good quality food. Offers a 100% RAW type of food which is the very best for any animal in my opinion. I order Kin Raw Cat Food since nearly 2 years now, for one of my cats that suffers strong food allergies. This food is the only one that does not trigger allergies and makes her life so much better. Thank you

Cat Mum

Quality food products! Especially good for dogs with skin sensitivities, or prone to allergies. Already recommending to all my friends!

Dog Mum

Our 3 dogs love the chicken and pumpkin mix! They are strong and healthy and always look forward to their meals. Thank you KIN

Tiggy, Lulu & Kora
Bali Dog

Our dog became a really picky eater over the last year and we tried everything - Kin has been the only thing he'll consistently like. He went from turning up his nose to food to eating his dinner so fast we call him Wolf Dog when he's eating. His coat is shiny, his poops are good, and he's so happy!

Dog Mum

The only source of raw diet that I trust for Dexter. Laid my eyes on Kin even before I got Dexter and immediately fell in love the moment Dexter finished his first bowl of Kin Dog Food. Haven’t changed Dexter’s diet ever since! His coat stays healthy and shiny and it even helped with his allergies. Can’t thank Kin Dog Food enough!


Tear stain berkurang, bulu berkilau. Gak capek beli banyak macam dog food, tinggal rotate protein aja rabbit beef duck etc. sudah jarang gatal gatal.

shih tzu

I’ve been feeding my dog, Roxy, Kin Raw Dog Food for many months, and she loves it! Her skin has improved so much, her fur shines, and her poop is always firm now.

Bali Dog

It’s super good quality food! The best ! I’m using this food for my own dogs and also for all my rescued dogs to improve their immune system after being in the streets. I totally recommend Kin dog food.

Dog Mum