Our motto

We believe the single most important element in a dogs life after us, is their daily diet.

Meet Bianca and Balu; the founders of Kin Dog Food.

When Balu was a puppy, he suffered open wounds on his skin because of allergies to ingredients commonly found in every kibble as well as hip dysplasia. Vets were out of options and Bianca was left in the dark without any dietary advice for her beloved puppy, so she took matters into her own hands and began her search for the best dog food she could find...

Balu Before
Balu After

Despite being put off by some of the horror stories (courtesy of her Google searches in 2013), she had no option other than to experiment with raw alternatives, starting by serving Balu a whole uncooked chicken!

Dubious at first, the positive effects were almost immediate – Bianca began to see a playful ball of energy emerge. As her raw dog food recipes evolved, his journey to recovery began: Open wounds healed and X-rays revealed that his hips were improving, transforming him into a happy and healthy pup with a shiny fur coat in a matter of months!

Fast forward to today and Bianca is still feeding Balu and his pack, along with thousands of dogs across Indonesia her nutritionally balanced raw & cooked dog food. Not only boasting significant health-boosting benefits but her recipes have also been created incorporating smells and textures that our four-legged friends thoroughly enjoy.

Pioneering the raw dog food market in Indonesia, Kin wouldn’t have become the success it is today if Bianca hadn’t been so passionate and undoubtedly giving her all to make sure Balu got better and became the happy & healthy dog he deserved to be, To this day, she ensures each batch is made with love and care, without compromising on quality.