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How do I transition my dog to your raw food?

See our helpful how to switch guide

Can I cook your food?

No, our raw dog food should be served raw. Cooking the food means you will be cooking bone contained in the recipe, this makes the bone brittle and therefore sharp, potentially causing serious damage to the gut. Cooked food lacks all the benefits of raw because the very act of cooking alters & destroys vitamins, minerals & enzymes.

My pet isn't eating your food. What can I do?

Some pets may struggle with change especially pets who have only ever known dry processed food/kibble their entire lives. There are several options you can try:

  • Transition slowly to make sure your pet is gradually getting used to their new diet.
  • Try a different meat type to start off with
  • Try mixing their meals with our fragrant Cooked dog food or Broths to help encourage them to eat their new diet.
  • Feed our raw food very slightly frozen/partially thawed and then gradually decrease the ratio of frozen.
  • Tough love, a dog will not starve itself forever it will eat what is given eventually.

The options are endless really. Dogs that refuse raw are usually objecting to the texture and less smell. Experimentation is the key, to seeing what works for your dog.

How long does your food last in the freezer or fridge?

Our food is safe to use for up to 6 months when kept frozen. After thawing our food we recommend keeping it in a sealed container in the refrigerator and used within 2 days. Discard any thawed product that no longer looks or smells fresh.

How do I order your food?

You can order online through your local online store or reseller.

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Why is there bone in your food, isn’t that dangerous?

Bone is an essential ingredient of raw dog food, it provides necessary calcium and other nutrients for your dog. Minced raw bones are completely safe for dogs to eat but cooked bones are NOT. You should NEVER feed your dog cooked bone as this makes them brittle and therefore sharp, potentially causing serious damage to the gut.

Does your food meet any international nutrient guidelines?

Our recipes are vet & nutritionist approved and developed to meet FEDIAF requirements when fed in rotation.

Do your products contain preservatives or other additives?

Our Food is 100% natural, This means no added preservatives, no synthetic vitamins or minerals, no artificial chemicals, colours or flavours.

What is a raw food diet?

A Raw Dog Food Diet is a carefully balanced blend of raw meat, bone, organ, fruits, vegetables, seeds & herbs. Raw meats are not over-processed or cooked which means active nutrients are fully utilised by your dog’s digestive system.

KIN Raw Dog Food
This Range is packed full of wholefood ingredients providing a healthy, biologically appropriate, nutritious meal for your dog. Produced in a human-grade kitchen & kept raw to preserve maximum bioavailability of essential nutrients these meals exceed nutritional requirements when fed in rotation.
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KIN Raw Dog Food - Basic
Our Basic range contains no added vegetables, fruits or superfoods. Made with real ingredients without the use of preservatives or added fillers, these simple recipes are ideal to help identify any food sensitivities or suitable as a base to a DIY meal. 
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KIN Raw Cat Food Specifically designed for your little carnivore, our Raw Cat Food contains whole food ingredients that are biologically appropriate. 100% raw to preserve maximum bioavailability of essential nutrients. Our Raw Cat Food is Vet-approved, Taurine rich, and includes all essential nutrients needed to maintain optimal health.
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Can feeding raw food give make my dog sick?

Dogs are biologically made to process a raw food diet, along with naturally occurring bacteria. The highly acidic pH of their stomach and accompanying short digestive tract assists passing of pathogens, without any health concerns. However, to be safe please ensure proper storage and handling methods are followed to avoid the development of harmful bacteria.

Our batches are regularly lab tested and have always passed bacterial standards & tested negative every time.

Our production kitchen is NKV certified ensuring we meet hygiene-sanitation requirements.

Can feeding raw meat give my dog worms or parasites?

Dogs eating raw meat don’t suffer any more worms than dogs on other diets. Your dog is far more likely to acquire worms at the beach or on a walk checking out the pit-stops of other dogs.

If you suspect your dog may have been exposed we suggest visiting your vet with a stool sample and ask them to check and get a worm count done for you. If no eggs are found, there is no need to worm your dog.

It’s a total myth that you need to worm your raw fed dog every month.

Can I mix kibble and raw together?

It is okay and safe to feed your dog dry food and raw food at the same time, however, if your dog has a sensitive or unhealthy digestive system we suggest adding probiotics or avoid mixing.

What is the difference between raw food diets for dogs and cats?

Cats are obligate carnivores, Our Raw Cat Food is formulated to be higher in meat and rich in taurine; an essential amino acid for cats and kittens.

Is it normal for my dog to be drinking less water when fed raw?

Yes, because our food is naturally high in moisture, approximately 70%. In comparison, dry pet food has only around 10% moisture content.

Do you make recipes specific for my dogs breed?

The concept of breed-specific meals is a recent marketing ploy by traditional dry food manufacturers. Our food is created for dogs of all shapes and sizes

The best thing you can feed your dog is food consisting of high-quality natural ingredients. Just as with our own diets, variety is the key. The best way to ensure that your dog receives all the nutrients they need is to feed a wide variety of our recipes.

Which recipe should I feed my dog?
Can I feed my puppy KIN?

Yes our raw dog food is suitable for all ages, see our rotation guide for recipes we recommend for puppies.

Can I feed my senior dog KIN?

Yes our raw dog food is suitable for all ages.

How much taurine is in your cat food?

Our raw cat food is formulated with the following levels of Taurine per kg of food:

  • Fish & Chicken 876 mg/kg
  • Beef & Duck 580 mg/kg
  • Rabbit & Quail 749 mg/kg

Can I feed my kitten KIN?

Yes our raw cat food is suitable for all ages.

Which recipe should I feed my cat?

We recommend rotating between all the recipes.
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What is the difference between Raw Dog Food & Raw Cat Food?

Cats are obligate carnivores, Our raw cat food is formulated to be higher in meat and rich in taurine; an essential amino acid for cats and kittens.

How can I stock KIN in my Pet Store?

We are always looking for new stockists, please email us your location and clear photos of your store along with a short description.

We only accept store stockists on an exclusive basis and do not accept stores that sell animals.

How do I become a reseller?

We are currently only accepting applicants for areas without existing resellers, if you think you would make a great addition to the KIN team, please email us a description of why you would be a great reseller, what experience you have with feeding raw and what experience you have with customer support along with your location and area of coverage.