How to switch to raw food

Hand 1

Before the switch

Puppies - Go to step 2.
Adult dogs - Fast for 24hrs before their first raw meal.

This also means no snacks or chews!

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Choose a transition

Gradual or Cold Turkey.

Not the meat, it means switch straight away

Hand 3

Start with one Protein

Start with just one protein. We suggest starting with poultry as in our experience this is the easiest protein for your dog to digest.

For poultry we recommend chicken or duck

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Feed for one week

Feed one protein for at least a week. Some dogs need more time to get adjusted. Bland meals help your dog adjust faster.

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Introduce other Protein Slowly

Always observe & ensure your dog is doing well with the addition of each new item.
Poop holds the answers. Look for firm or solid stools before making any new changes.

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